Mick's Fitness Philosophy

Starting an exercise program can be overwhelming. I believe fitness is a process that starts from the inside and works its way out. A balanced lifestyle incorporates a daily dose of exercise, healthy eating and rest. As your personal trainer, it is my responsibility to facilitate a fitness program that works specifically for you.

Creative Program Design

An integrative approach to fitness will provide the motivation and results you need. Rather than boring, repetitive programs, I design personalized fitness sessions that challenge and inspire you. The key to fitness is mixing up your routine every 6-8 weeks keeping your muscles guessing.

Convenient and Efficient

I will train you in the privacy of your home or office gym, and supply the exercise equipment so you don’t have to. Time is very valuable in today’s hectic world and going to the gym can be a time consuming ordeal. My goal is to provide you with maximum results in a minimum amount of time.

Affordable One-on-One Personal Training

You can select from a variety of fitness programs with competitive pricing to fit your budget. A pay as you go plan saves you money with no membership fee or annual contract. Convenient payment options available online with your credit card using PayPal.
“Over the course of the past 2 years I went from 250 to 209 pounds thanks to Mick’s Fitness Training. The support he provided and the innovative training programs he designed, kept me on track. Mick was always there for me, changing up my program and encouraging me. When I traveled for business for weeks at a time, he arranged call in appointments for me in order to keep me motivated and focused. I really appreciate his professionalism and encouragement along the way”.
Mike, Roseville, CA
“While I have been going to gyms faithfully for many years, Mick has helped me achieve more success in a year and a half then all of the others combined. He is a great trainer. Mick is knowledgeable, able to assess your individual needs and works with you to attain your fitness goals. I recommend him highly.”
Dolores, Rocklin, CA
“Eight months ago, I signed up with Mick to help me with my fitness program. Since then Mick and I meet every 4-6 weeks to update my program. I have bone issue with my right knee which really limits what I can do. I have lost better than an inch off my waist and 8-10 pounds since training with Mick. On our fitness program updates; Mick changes the machines I use to insure that I work my muscles in a different manner. I have been very satisfied with Mick’s program and his updates. I just wish I could push myself more to get quicker results. But, I can only do what my knee will tolerate.”
Clarke, Rocklin CA
“Mick has been my personal trainer for a year and I have found him to know how to tailor a workout program to meet my needs well. He is encouraging and yet sensitive toward my progress and challenges me to improve. I appreciate his low key style and knowledge of proper workout techniques. I recommend Mick highly to anyone who needs a safe, effective fitness program.”
Rob , Roseville , CA
“We have just completed a series of exercise sessions designed for seniors by certified personal trainer Mick Lancaster. “We certainly benefited by this program. Mick’s guidance is professional and well suited to adapted to our special senior fitness needs. It has been a wonderful convenience to have him come to our home and train us!”
Bill, 90 - Laura, 77, Rocklin, CA
“Training with Mick is ideal for my very busy schedule. Mick’s training expertise and genuine enthusiasm for health and fitness really shines! He constantly keeps me focused so I’m getting the maximum effort for each rep and set were accompishing. Having Mick as my personal trainer has helped me revolutionize my fitness program.”
Michael Lee , Roseville , CA